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[14 Oct 2012|05:47pm]
I finished reading Robert K. Massie's biography, Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman, last week -- the first book I've actually finished in a long, long time. I've started so many and have put them down without finishing them so this was quite a feat for me personally. The book itself was really wonderful and I've read the acclaim and had seen it on the Best-Seller stands at Barnes & Noble for the longest time but I had only really ever picked it up, in hardcover, in passing and put it back down, until I saw the paperback version sitting on a cart at The Strand for $10. I started it a few days later and really breezed through the first couple hundred pages, until about the time that Catherine is crowned Empress of Russia, and from thereon read at a slower pace but still efficiently enough, and finished last Wednesday on my bus ride home from Manhattan. I will say I much preferred the intricate, precise details of the court life and palace intrigue compared to the heavily-packed chapters on the Polish partitions and the Turkish wars. I care for those sorts of details, of course, but I find the stories of friends, enemies, lovers, balls, gossip and intrigue more compelling than the facts and dates of battles. I will say that while I think I had a relative understanding of Catherine's life as a Grand Duchess, my knowledge of her reign was really more of textbook information and the like. So to read this was to give me a fully-rounded portrayal of her entire life and her psychology. I will say that the one part of the biography that I had a problem with was the conclusion to the chapter on her numerous lovers, in which the author breaks down why exactly Catherine had so many men in her life (essentially, her loveless, sexless, nearly decade-long marriage, to a delusional man who behaved like a child and threatened her with divorce). The way that the explanation is phrased and the bringing up of Elizabeth I using her virginity as political power sort of left me with the feeling that Catherine was being "shamed" for having had so many lovers (12, I believe, was the count), and I felt that that was a bit much, especially considering the forgiveness she seems to receive during other much more intense moments of her reign wherein larger "wrongdoings" occur. But other than that, it was a wonderful read, and is rather simplistic in its wording and structure, leaving the reader without the sometimes heavy and confusing (and often dry) writing of biographies. In fact, many reviews of Massie mention that his non-fiction pieces read as novels, which I can agree with.

I just started his earlier work, Nicholas and Alexandra, and after that I might pick up something I haven't finished yet, like Lady Chatterley's Lover, or Queen of Fashion. The other choice is to pick up the epic Anna Karenina that I've had since early high school, since the Joe Wright adaptation is coming out in less than a month.
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[11 Feb 2010|08:08pm]
 I'm now entering a headband phase thanks to this little miss.

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[11 Feb 2010|08:02pm]
in memoriam.Collapse )
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[11 Feb 2010|12:16am]
A snow day. I decided to venture out to take pictures, specifically of Central Park, but I barely made it to Washington Square before I turned around. The icy. slushy sidewalks and my shoes were not getting along well at all. But alas, it'll probably be better to take pictures once the storm has stopped and the snow has settled anyways.

So instead I took some photographs.
Oh, I'm blond again. Not quite the shade I want to be at yet but we're getting there. I'm also going to put several light lavender streaks in it, à la La GaGa, So Happy I Could Die, Proenza S/S 10 & Ash.
I saw the Rude Boy video. While I'm sure Rihanna's image is still somewhat manufactured, I like the direction that she's taken for this album with her sartorial choices and the videos. It's much more sophisticated.
GaGa looked gorgeous at all of the events that she went to today. I love when she does the Cleopatra-esque eyebrows.
I love Goldfrapp's new single. Reminded of something out of Xanadu or something along those lines.

I know that I shouldn't keep my hopes up but what with the sudden reconnection today, I can't help myself.  
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[09 Feb 2010|01:02am]
In this sea of people, you were the one that stood out. We only knew each other for a short time, but the impression that you made was a strong one. You're in my dreams. On the streets. I still see that flash of ashen platinum blond set to the beautiful mirroring lyrics. When I look in your direction in the dark of dusk, the neon sign burns bright. That distinct smell. The near memory of it all. I can't help but to feel somewhat pathetic lamenting this. I wish I could have kept you.
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[30 Nov 2009|02:50am]
someday i would like my photograph to be taken by hedi slimane.
& to receive a birthday card from nicolas ghesquière.
& to live in the marmont.
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[14 Nov 2009|04:34am]
i'm really excited to be writing my screenplay for this semester. i don't want to give details away but it's basically intended to be a psychological study of fame. & i've been spending a lot of time designing the look for it. the cinematography of it would be very heightened, artistic & of course a bit sofia-inspired. the fashions will play a key role too. i'm finding that this piece is the most personally characteristic out of everything that i've written at school thus far.

i'm also contemplating applying for an internship with v magazine. i'm just not sure when would be the most suitable time for it. i want to ease myself into fashion somehow.

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[12 Nov 2009|03:34am]
i don't ever want to fall out of love with you.
i'm terrified that i don't know who i am anymore.
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[10 Oct 2009|05:04pm]

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[29 Sep 2009|02:31am]

Hallowe'en.Collapse )
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[14 Sep 2009|10:35pm]
As if there weren't enough celebrity sightings this weekend, tonight I went to The Armory to hang out for the Marc Jacobs show. Saw Marc, Lorenzo & Rachel Zoe. Unfortunately I missed GaGa, who went out the front instead of the side door, where I was. But who comes down the stairs & walks by me but Madonna & Jesus. I basically died on the spot. And will never recover.
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[12 Sep 2009|06:35pm]
ran into sofia with thomas & baby romy around mercer & broome. d.i.e.d. said a few things to her as they were going into their building. mary-kate & sofia in the same week!
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[10 Sep 2009|11:50pm]
 fashion's night out tonight! started off meeting anna at gucci. they were out of the free t-shirts but we still got drinks (one of which was questionable as to its alcohol content). went to abercrombie since we thought it would be humourous. took pictures with the shirtless male model out front. followed behati prinsloo & two other models into henri bendel. saw coco rocha (again - saw her at the union square barnes & noble last night) & got a picture with her. then went to bergdorf's for the mary-kate & ashley event. which, of course, was full & they hadn't even arrived at that point. saw victoria beckham & milo ventimiglia. stopped in ysl then proceeded to barney's to wait for the mary-kate & ashley 9 pm event there so as to avoid any difficulties like at bergdorf's. arrived around 8, browsed around. saw isabel toledo. went to wait for mk & ash around 8:45. they didn't come out until 9:45. the crowd was absolutely insane. crushing, yelling, etc. i just missed getting a picture with them (there's one of me & mk kind of) & getting something signed by ash. but i was thrilled just to be standing next to mk, of course : ]
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[09 Sep 2009|11:16pm]
my life. 
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[01 Sep 2009|10:26pm]
" There was a photo of me with weird sunglasses on and a green sweatshirt, some striped thing, with tights & cowboy boots. Something really random where in some sense it's me. To this day, I have never read the article. I just saw the photo & thought, 'God, I look crazy in that photograph!' "

see background.
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[01 Sep 2009|08:01pm]
moved into lafayette on sunday. i'm not a huge fan. while the kitchen/living room area of my room is pretty big & there are two bathrooms, the bedroom that i share with two others is a little cramped. i don't really like the neighborhood either. it's right below canal street & chinatown. but soho is only a short walk away. on my way to work on monday i was photographed on mercer for a sartorialist-esque site [that's more geared towards youth] & got a free drink at the astor place starbs since they messed up my order. today on my way to work i stopped by the v magazine office to pick up 2 free issues [with gagita on the cover] & after work i walked through the gossip girl set in chelsea next to penn & hilary. we'll see what's in store for tomorrow.
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[20 Aug 2009|03:41pm]
New York is no place for a horse.Collapse )
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[18 Aug 2009|11:19pm]
survey.Collapse )
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[06 Apr 2009|12:04am]
such a beautiful day.
i ended up taking a walk up park, madison & fifth from union square to central park.
i took a walk all the way around (more or less) the reservoir for the first time.
it's so gorgeous at sunset, with the setting sun & the twinkling lights dancing on the smooth water.
i really cherish such pastoral reliefs.
the atmosphere was just perfect.
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[29 Mar 2009|09:43pm]
i feel so disconnected from everyone in my world.
this city is so lonely.
i can't wait for summer.
i'm ready for a relationship.
i want to go to the beach & have fun.
i want to paint & draw & write & sing & dance & film & DO SOMETHING.
i perused the criterion collection & there are several that i want to see.
i'm also excited for grey gardens.
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